Career-Coaching-by-Cyrille Monthly Plan – Level-2

 300 / month


Congratulations on completing the Career-Coaching-by-Cyrille very demanding 3-month program. By now, you should have successfully completed our three signature-stages:

  • Your Career by Design
  • Your Personal Brand
  • Your Job Search

And be ready to rock your job search and soon to land your dream job.

However, we understand that a job search is more a marathon than a sprint. It may take months for the opportunity to come up. Your job search can quickly turn into a very long and frustrating journey.

We have designed these monthly plans as a follow suit to the initial 3-month program.

  • Level 1 -consists of one to two sessions per month to catch up and follow up on your progress.
  • Level-2 consists of two to three sessions per month to answer all your questions and help you to prepare for your upcoming interviews.
  • Level-3 consists of three to four sessions per month where we cover all aspects of your Personal Branding and Job Search efforts.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for advice and recommendation to choose the plan that is right for you. WhatsApp info + 852 63067145