All the Questions You always Wanted to Ask and their Answers

Are you rewriting my CV and editing its layout?

The short answer is No. At the end of the day, it is essential that you retain the ownership of your resume. If you need help regarding its format and presentation, we work closely with a number of CV specialist graphic designers who will be able to bring to its best version.

Are You Copywriting my LinkedIn Profile?

Again, the short answer is No. as for the CV, it is crucial that you remain fully on top of your CV and your LinkedIn profile. Any hesitation during the interview and assessment process arising from a question related to what is mentioned in your resume or online profile will put your application under severe jeopardy.

Are you a Certified Coach?

No. Actually I hardly see myself as a Coach. And no Coaching certification would be truly relevant to the service and support I deliver to my Clients.

Are you a psychologist?

Not at all. Albeit over the years, I have developed highly sensitive listening skills. And a rare ability to empathize with my Clients. Unfortunately in some cases, it is just not enough to fully help. And I able to recommend highly trained and experienced psychologists who will be able to help.

Is it worth it?

Clearly Career Coaching is an investment. And I realize that when you are looking for a new job – especially if you have already lost your – money can be tight. Yet, what is the benefit / value of shortening your job search from 9 months to a year down to 3 to 4 months? Although I support all Clients at all level of seniority and across all industries and functions, the majority of them are making north of Euro100,000 per year. With this in mind, even 6 months of Coaching is a small investment for a life long learning experience.